Örebro Castle in the summer

Experience Örebro Castle on your own, in a completely new way. This summer, visitors will have the opportunity to explore Örebro Castle at their leisure. We will be uncovering rooms, cellar vaults and towers that have not previously been open to the public. Discover forgotten areas of the castle and listen to new and fascinating stories from the past about nobles, prisoners and serving folk, and about some of the well-known and less familiar episodes from the castle’s rich and eventful history. Join a guided tour, follow the mystery trail or help your children with the challenges in the Children’s Castle Tower.

All along the way you’ll find out about the castle’s history in Swedish, English and German, with both historical facts and more light-hearted curiosities. And these stories are brought to life in brief films via QR codes. The guided tours are included in the entrance fee but need to be booked when you buy your ticket. On your journey through the castle you will no doubt also come across some of the castle’s characters, including Gustav Vasa, Margareta Leijonhufvud or Jean Baptiste Bernadotte.

The Children’s Castle Tower

In the northwest tower, the Children’s Castle Tower, our younger visitors can dress up and have their photos taken on the royal throne, lock their parents up in the dungeons and play loads of other games. Here, anyone who wants to can stamp their own castle coin, shoot a crossbow, make their own royal crown and test their aim.

Barn som fäktas.
Två barn som leker