Information regarding Covid-19

Örebro Castle cares about our visitors and staff, and want everyone to feel safe while visiting the castle. To reduce the spread of Covid-19, we have adjusted our activities and added new routines. Find our open hours here.

What we do at Örebro Castle to reduce the spread of Covid-19

  • All staff working at the castle are completely healthy and symptom free
  • We inform all visitors to show consideration and keep a distance from each other
  • We inform visitors and staff about the importance of good hand hygiene, as well as sneezing in the arm fold
  • Hand sanitizer are available in the Castle shop for visitors and staff
  • Staff at the Castle shop disinfects card terminals and surfaces in the store regularly
  • Plexiglass has been set up in front of the checkout counter in the castle shop
  • Hand sanitizer are available outside the Örebro County Museum for visitors who are going to the museum’s exhibitions
  • At Lill-Anna’s castle café there are several rooms that guests can sit in, and the tables are sparsely placed

What you as a visitor can do

  • If you are completely healthy, you are welcome to visit the castle. If you feel the slightest ill, we ask you to stay home until you are completely healthy
  • Before activities at the castle, we encourage visitors to pre-purchase their admission tickets to avoid queuing
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, otherwise use hand sanitizer
  • Show consideration for other visitors and staff by keeping a distance

Take care of each other, keep your distance and welcome to the castle