Anything is possible

Meet some of the castle’s royal characters.

Gustav Vasa
Swedish king who was around at the beginning of the 16th Century, known for travelling long distances on skis, his sweet tooth (causing all his teeth to rot away), and his adoption of a law on hereditary monarchy, which actually took place at this very castle. Our Gustav today, whom you may well encounter, is a keen skier, but struggles to understand that we don’t have snow all year round! However, despite the lack of snow, he still ventures out on his skis every so often. His dental hygiene is much improved and he’s also a bit friendlier, which is lucky for all of us!
Queen Margareta Leijonhufvud
Gustav Vasa’s second wife, who died at the age of just 35 only 10 months after the birth of her tenth child. She came from Lillkyrka here in Närke and hangs as a portrait in the Hall of State. Our Margareta seems to have more of a presence than the real queen would have had. Women at that time would have kept out of the way, but this is something our current version has difficulty with. Back then, the Historical Margareta would have exercised her influence over Gustav very cautiously. Our Margareta has changed her style and instead rules Gustav with an iron hand.
Charles XIV John of Sweden (Jean Baptiste Bernadotte)
Born in the city of Pau in France, he was elected Crown Prince and later King of Sweden at the age of 47. The monarch at the time, King Charles XIII, adopted Bernadotte after Sweden elected him at a parliamentary session here in Örebro in 1810. This year marks 200 years since he took over the throne and our current royal family began their reign. The character you may get to meet is much better at Swedish (the real king never learned the language), but he still has an accent. He doesn’t dye his hair like the real Bernadotte did, but he’s just as vain!